For many we get frustrated because we don’t get the things done we set out to do. I have experienced this and have tried many different things to get more productive. Over time the more days you don’t accomplish what you set out to do the quicker you get stuck in your old ruts. Ultimately you begin to quit on your goals and dreams because you aren’t accomplishing what you have set out to accomplish. Productivity daily takes discipline but there are things I have learned that help me be more productive and stick with my goals.

Here are simple ways that I’ve learned about being more productive.

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1. Find your motivation. You’ve got to know why you are trying to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Is it because you love Jesus and need to spend more time with Him? Is it because you want to be healthier for your family and work out more? Do you have career goals or big dreams? If you aren’t motivated to change you simply won’t be productive in the areas you are seeking to be productive.

2. Turn off TV. What time of day do you accomplish your best work? During that time of day unplug from all distractions. Turn Facebook, Twitter, Email, and your TV off. Get the work done that you have set out to accomplish.

3. Take the long view. What I mean by this is don’t look at your goals as something you need to accomplish in the next week. Many times we get off track with our goals because life happens. We get sick, something happens major in our family, or anything else that will throw us off of our routine. If you miss a couple of days of your routine don’t let that throw you off from your goals just get right back to it. You can do this if you are taking a longer view of when you accomplish these goals.

4. Get up earlier. I am not naturally a morning person but over time I have learned if I want to be more productive I have to be a morning person. There is simply less distractions first thing in the morning. As the day wears on other stuff begins to happen and we start to fall behind. During the day are when these random life occurrences that might take us off track will happen. When have you ever gotten a call at 5:30am asking you to respond to something? Probably never or rarely. Michael Hyatt gives a great blog post on how to become a morning person. You’ve got to decide to become a morning person. Stop making excuses and get up earlier. If you have the right motivation you will do it.

5. Calendar it. Whatever you set out to accomplish in your life you have to calendar it. If you don’t put it in your calendar to do then you probably will never do it. This means your goals need to be very action oriented and you will need to actually use a calendar. I use iCal on my mac devices for appointments and meetings for work. I find it’s a great way to remind me of what I got to do. For my personal goals and tasks I need to accomplish I use a Moleskine paper daily planner. Find a calendaring system that works for you but put your goals in your calendar.

If you do these simple things I can guarantee you that you will be a lot more productive. If you are like me you will tend to try to accomplish more than you probably can in one day but I have found as I have done these simple things my life has gotten a lot more productive. The goals I have set out to accomplish I have been a lot more successful at.

How do you stay productive? Any tips you have learned on productivity?